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Announcements : University of Bristol

Announcement: University of Bristol

Event Date: 02/20/2013
Meet with a representative from the University of Bristol to learn more about this dynamic university.
University of Bristol Information Session

The University of Bristol is globally distinguished, pushing the boundaries of knowledge to address the needs and concerns of the world in the 21st century - finding the answers to today's global challenges; educating tomorrow's leaders.

We are dedicated to academic achievement at the highest levels across a broad range of disciplines, supporting both individual scholarship and interdisciplinary research.

Our students benefit from an intellectually demanding, research-informed education that nurtures independence of mind and prepares them to achieve their personal goals and serve society's needs across the globe, both during and after their time here.

Students come from all over the world to study at the University of Bristol, sharing their culture and experiences, and contributing to the vibrancy of university life. Overseas students make up nine per cent of the total undergraduate student body, 24 per cent of postgraduate taught students and 30 per cent of postgraduate research students. The international experience at Bristol enriches both incoming and outgoing students, as well as the city itself.

Date: February 20th
Time: 5-6pm
Place: Kent 624