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Welcome to the Center for Undergraduate Global Engagement's online study abroad application system.

This site is designed to guide students through the sometime complex process from application to earning credit once they are back on campus. An integral part of this process is ensuring that the student is well prepared to study abroad and has the support and approval of relevant faculty on campus. Faculty recommendations are one of our most important tools for making sure that the student is well-prepared to study abroad, and that his or her plans make sense academically.

If you anticipate writing recommendations for multiple students for any of the Columbia-administered study abroad or consortial programs, we invite you to set up a Recommender profile.  A profile will allow you to manage multiple requests for recommendations from students, and to review whatever past recommendations you have already submitted.

To do so, please set up a user profile on the UGE application. This option is provided as the second link in the letter you receive from the system requesting that you write a recommendation.

Center for Undergraduate Global Engagement 
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